In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition meditation and philosophical understanding are undertaken together and are both necessary, like the two wings of a bird.  Each year we offer classes that are useful for beginners and intermediate students alike.  All are welcome.

Calming the Mind Meditation

Sundays   9:00-9:45am

In this session Khenpo will offer basic Calming the Mind and Vipassana meditation instruction with time for practice and also questions and answers. 

place: 113 S. Johnson Street, Iowa City, Suite #4
meditation leader: Khenpo Thupsang
fee: none
previous experience: none needed
how to join: Drop-in. Join at any time.

Meditation Practice with Mantra

Sundays 6:30-7:15pm

Begins July 2

Tibetan Buddhism has many types of meditation which facilitate the realization of compassion and wisdom.  In this session we will learn and practice together in order to become familiar with various meditation practices such as Medicine Buddha, Chenrezig and Tara.

in person only
113 S. Johnson Street, Iowa City 52240
Suite #4

teacher: Khenpo Thupsang & Ellen Marie
fee: none
previous experience: none needed