Daily Practice – Om Ah Hung

We received a request on how to establish a daily practice at home.  This practice is authorized for use by our community by His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche.


Refuge Prayer
Until awakening, I take refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma,
and the Supreme Assembly! By the merit of generosity and
the other [perfections], may I attain buddhahood for the
benefit of all beings! ~recite 3 times

The Four Immeasurables
May all mother sentient beings—limitless as space—have happiness and the causes of happiness!
May they be free from suffering and the causes of suffering!
May they not be separated from the happiness that is free from sorrow!
May they rest in equanimity, free from attachment and aversion! ~recite 3 times


Om Ah Hung meditation as taught by Khenchen Konchok Gyatshen Rinpoche

Visualize a white OM at the forehead level inside the body, as the essence of all the Buddhas’ wisdom & compassionate body.  From white OM undefiled white light manifests, which pervades the entire body.  As a result of this, all obscurations & negative karma related to the body are purified.  We meditate that our body is blessed by all the wisdom Buddhas, and our body is transformed into Chenrezig or any other enlightened being.  Chant OM AH HUNG

Visualize red AH as the nature of all the enlightened beings’ (Buddhas & bodhisattavas) wisdom speech, insubstantial in nature, at the throat level inside the body.  Undefiled red light manifests from the AH and pervades the entire body.  As a result of this, all obscurations & negative karma related to speech are fully purified.  Chant OM AH HUNG

Visualize blue HUNG at the heart level inside the body as the nature of all the Buddhas’ & bodhisattvas’ wisdom & compassionate nature of the mind.  Visualize the blue HUNG as insubstantial in nature, radiating light as clear as the pure blue sky.  From the blue HUNG, undefiled blue light, the nature of wisdom & compassion, pervades our entire body.  As a result of this, all the subtle obscurations & negative karma related to our body & speech are purified.  Then we meditate that all our mental obscurations – attachment, hatred, ignorance, pride, jealousy & so forth – are fully purified, & we meditate that our mind is blessed & transformed into Buddha’s mind.  Chant OM AH HUNG

Next is the meditation to purify our obscurations & negative karmas of body, speech, & mind.  We exercise bodhicitta (the nature of wisdom & compassion) by purifying all the sentient beings in the 6 realms.  From the 3 syllables, colored light manifests to the entire universe.  First, all phenomena transform into a pureland (source of peace & joy).  Second, the light purifies all sentient beings’ suffering & causes of suffering.  We meditate that these beings are purified & free of suffering & the causes of suffering, & they transform into Chenrezig, Tara or any other enlightened being.  Chant OM AH HUNG

Dissolution meditation:
First, the outer universe (which is purified) dissolves into sentient beings.  All sentient beings (who are all free from suffering) dissolve into light.  That light dissolves into us & we ourselves dissolve into the 3 syllables.  Next, the white OM dissolves into the red AH.  The red AH then dissolves into the blue HUNG.  The blue HUNG dissolves from the bottom up, gradually, into the all-pervading emptiness, which is called the nonobjectified state, free of all boundaries, like the nature of space.  That’s the unfabricated state of the mind.  Stay in this.



Dedication Prayer
By this merit may I attain omniscience!
Having defeated the enemies—my wrongdoings—may I liberate all beings
who are tossed in the ocean of saṃsāra by the waves of birth, old age, sickness, and death! ~recite 1 time

Bodhicitta Prayer
May bodhicitta, the precious and supreme mind,
arise in whom it has not yet arisen!
Where it has arisen, may it not decline,
but ever increase higher and higher! ~recite 1 time



The Four Immeasureables

Before we begin meditation, we set our intention for meditation practice – also called motivation. We establish our motivation by inwardly and sincerely establishing in our mind that we are doing this meditation or prayers or recitation in order to benefit ourselves and all beings. By establishing altruistic motivation we open the door to practice.

Sometimes it can be difficult to realize such a vast altruistic motivation. If that is the case – don’t worry! Begin by establishing altruistic love and compassion for those near to you – a parent, brother or sister or a pet. Slowly, over days and weeks expand that love and compassion to extend to your neighborhood, your town, region, country, world and finally the universe. 

Meditation Practice

How do I chant the Om Ah Hung mantra?
You can either speak the Om Ah Hung mantra or chant it.

How do I visualize the Om Ah Hung mantra?
You visualize the syllables as being clear light in nature – like a rainbow. Imagine the syllable at the forehead, throat and heart level in turn. These chakras are located along the central channel – about 2 inches in front of the spine.  The syllables should be relatively small – about the size of a pea. If you cannot imagine the Tibetan syllables as pictured here – then use the western letters for OM AH HUNG.  If you cannot imagine these, then simply use white, red and blue light. 

How long do I recite Om Ah Hung?
At the center on Sunday mornings we recite Om Ah Hung about 90 times for each portion of the visualization. That is about 5 minutes for each syllable. You can adjust the time and number of recitations to your time frame. But we suggest you perform at least 21 recitations for each portion.

Dedication Prayer

Bodhicitta Prayer

Key Words:
supreme assembly
nonobjectified state