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February 6, 2020

GARCHEN RINPOCHE’S advice on the Corona Virus:

“Tashi Delek! The coronavirus is spreading across the world. Such a disease is the result of having collectively accumulated a lot of karma with hatred and jealousy.

Everyone should supplicate the deity. There are many different deities, and we are told: “supplicate this deity” or “supplicate that deity.” Actually, there is no difference between the deities. You should supplicate whichever deity you trust and have faith in.

“All the buddhas are one within the expanse of primordial wisdom”. You should supplicate whichever deity you personally trust and have faith in.

In particular, to whom you have connection to, apply the balm from the Gyanagma Prayer Wheel to the nose in the morning and evening.
It will surely protect you. Further, wearing these wristbands will also be of benefit. So mainly, use the balm and take more blessing pills.

Praying for these who have fallen ill, four disciples can gather to practice together, or you can do practices online, or you can practice at home by yourself. Visualize whichever Buddha you practice in the space before you and imagine that the light rays [emanating from this Buddha] pervade the entire world. In this way, practice the deity while meditating on the immeasurable love.

It doesn’t matter which deity you practice. Pray to whichever deity you have the greatest faith in. For this, the World Peace Prayer is most important. Thus, whatever practice you are doing, together with it, recite the World Peace Prayer often. So, take the blessing pills continuously and apply the Gyanagma balm under your nose. This is important. I will also keep praying.”


To the unfailing sources of refuge, the Three Jewels and Three Roots, and especially Chenrezig, the protector of the Land of Snows, to Noble Tara and Guru Padmasambhava, I pray: please remember your sacred pledge of former times! Please grant blessings that this aspiration be entirely fulfilled!

In this dark age of decline, the thoughts and actions of beings are corrupted, and the balance of the outer and inner elements is lost. Through these causes and conditions, humans and animals alike are seized by epidemics and diseases unknown in the past. They are struck by planetary demons, nāgas, evil spirits, dark forces, and elemental spirits. Crops are damaged by blight, frost, and hail, and there is fighting and dispute. Untimely rains, heat waves, and droughts in the world; fear of earthquakes, fire, adversaries, and natural catastrophes; and in particular, evil hordes that hurt the teachings, and so forth, cause harm and violence throughout the world.

May these be swiftly pacified and vanquished from their very roots! In the minds of all beings, human and non-human, may precious and supreme bodhicitta arise naturally. And, free of harmful thoughts and actions, may the minds of all be filled with love for one another! May the entire world enjoy abundant happiness and wealth!

May the Buddha’s teachings spread far and endure long! By the truthful power of the Three Roots, the buddhas, and bodhisattvas, by whatever virtuous roots there are in samsara and nirvana, and by the power of our highest pure intention, may this aspiration be fulfilled!

International Drikung Kagyu Council

An advisory speech by His Holiness Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche to the 3rd International Drikung Kagyu Council (IDKC). Posted Nov 19, 2019

Garchen Buddhist Institute

Prayer Wheel Consecration: Blessings of the Lineage. Blessings of the Hopi elders. 
November, 2016