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Guru Rinpoche Tsok

The 10th day of the Tibetan lunar calendar is connected with Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) who is revered as the Second Buddha and who brought Buddhism to Tibet. 

A Tsok is a feast offering.  The Guru Rinpoche Tsok combines a regular mantra meditation practice with the feast offering ceremony. 

If you are new to tsok – don’t worry!  It is a joyful occasion. Everyone is welcome! If you want to participate please bring along an unopened package of finger food to share – or a homemade item that you have not eaten at all. 

You are welcome to contact us for more information: sangha@milarepaiowa.org or text Ellen Marie at 937-244-1961

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Sunday, Nov 14:   4-6pm

Monday, December 13, 2021

Wednesday, January 12

Friday, February 11


 The 10th is Guru Rinpoche day. Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava is the Buddha who established Tantric Buddhism in Tibet. At the esoteric level, he is the essence of all buddhas and masters. He is the Buddha of our troubled age, dispelling all negativities, and as such he occupies an important place in the hearts and in the practice of the Tibetans, particularly those of the Nyingma school.
~Phillipe Cornu

In these dark times of degeneration, it is far from easy to progress and succeed in spiritual practice, solely by one’s own effort. Therefore, it is very important for one to pray constantly to Guru Padmasambhava, the embodiment of all Buddhas past, present, and to come. Of all the prayers to the great and glorious Padmasambhava, the invocation composed of seven vajra verses is supreme. It is the king of all prayers; the pith of sutras, tantras and upadeshas; the core of all Dharmas of the Ground, Path and Fruit; and the essence of all practices of the Three Roots of Guru, Dakini and Yidam. It arose spontaneously as the natural resonance of indestructible ultimate reality and is an immense treasure-mine of blessings and accomplishments.
~Khenpo Sodargye


In degenerate times, it is very important to practice Guru Rinpoche…It is said if you have devotion, Guru Rinpoche comes and sleeps on your doorstep…
~The Gyalwang Karmapa