The Garchen Mila Buddhist Center upholds the ancient 2600-year-old Buddhist custom of offering our weekly meditation and discussion sessions without cost.

Staffed exclusively by volunteers, the Dharma Center functions through the kindness of our members, enabling us to provide meditation sessions to the community without any fees. For those who decide to make our center a regular part of their journey, we invite you to join us as a member and contribute to the sustenance of our programs. For those who drop by occasionally, a modest donation for the day or the month would be greatly appreciated.


Every amount donated matters significantly to our organization as it plays a vital role in sustaining our fundamental operations and enabling us to continue providing teachings and practices of Tibetan Buddhism to our community. Your support, no matter the size, is a cornerstone of our mission.

When it comes to contributing to Garchen Mila Buddhist Center, there are four ways you can engage on an individual level.

1) The most convenient option is to utilize our online donation portal, enabling you to make either a one-time or recurring financial contribution. With this tool, you have the flexibility to donate any amount to the specific fund of your choice.

2) Alternatively, when you visit the Dharma Center in person, you have the opportunity to make a direct donation. A donation box is conveniently located near the entrance, welcoming your in-person contributions.

3) For Hills Bank customers:  Direct Deposit is available. Please contact us at for more information.

4) You may also mail us a donation at:
Milarepa Buddhist Center of Iowa
P.O. Box 5352
Coralville, Iowa 52241


 Non-profit Status

Garchen Mila Buddhist Center is a registered 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization with church status. All donations made to our organization are tax-deductible.

*Please note that while we are doing business as Garchen Mila Buddhist Center – we are still registered with the state of Iowa as Milarepa Buddhist Center of Iowa and your tax deductions should be noted under our registered name. 

Alternatives to Financial Contribution

No-one will be turned away as a participant or  sangha member due to the inability to make a financial contribution.  If you find yourself attending the center on a regular basis for several months please consider making a donation of volunteer time.  For more information contact us at:


We welcome and need contributions of your time as a volunteer!  Please let us know if you would be interested in helping with any of these areas: fundraising, special events, lama visits, children’s education, community service. For more information contact us at:



1) Use our online donation method.

2) A donation box is located near the door.

3) Hills Bank customers – Direct Deposit available

4) Mail your donatoin to:
Milarepa Buddhist Center of Iowa
P.O. Box 5352
Coralville, Iowa 52241

Monthly Expenses

rent:  $617
administrative costs: $211
includes web & email hosting, internet, insurance,
USPS box, accounting software, phone
Total Monthly Costs:   $828