About our Library:

We have a lending library for use for members and others in the Iowa community. We are adding books to the Library all the time. We accept donations of used and new books related to Buddhism. *In October, 2021 we are working on getting our books catalogued. If you would like to help with this effort- contact us at

How to check out a book:
After you become a patron, you may either 1) Go online to place a book on hold. Then, we will set that book aside and you can come pick it up at the center. or 2) Visit the Dharma Center and check out a book directly from browsing.  In either case, you will check out the book at the center. 

Lending period:  2 weeks
We will be counting on folks to renew or return the books on time. You will receive email reminders. 

Donations of used books: Please email us to set up a time to drop off your books. We are interested in books about Buddhism. We also accept contemplative poetry and fiction.

Donations of new books: We are preparing a list of new books that we would like to have donated to the Dharma Center. These titles represent a core group of books that are available in English and helpful to Western practitioners.



If you are already a Member of the center:
If you are member, just email us letting us know you want to become a Patron of the library. We will set up your Library account with our existing information.

If you are not already a Member of the center:
If you are not already a member of Garchen Mila Meditation Center, you must sign up as a Patron via email. Since this is a volunteer effort – it may take a day or two to get you signed up and in the system.  As soon as you are in the system you will be able to place a book on hold.

Email us with the following information to become a patron:

Email us at:

First and last name
Full address
Phone number
Best way to reach you?  text or email