​Drupon Palkyi

Announcing Drupon Palkyi’s North American Tour

Please welcome Drupon Palkyi as she embarks on her North American Tour. Drupon Palkyi brings with her a wealth of spiritual wisdom and experience cultivated through years of dedicated practice and study. Originally from Tibet, she received her education and training as a retreat master at the esteemed Drikung Samtenling Nunnery in Dehradun, India.
Following her philosophy studies, Drupon Palkyi embarked on a traditional Three-Year-Retreat in 2008, immersing herself in the profound teachings of the Five-Fold Path of Mahamudra and the Six Yogas of Naropa. Her unwavering commitment to spiritual practice led her to the Drikung Garchen Institute in Munich, Germany, where she has served as a resident lama. There, she guides practitioners through teachings, group practices, and retreats, enriching the spiritual lives of countless individuals with her deep knowledge and compassionate guidance.

Tour Locations & Dates


Aug 3-4, Drong Ngur Jangchubling, Florida / Nyungne Retreat
translator: Virginia Blum (in person)

tentative travel day to Asheville: Tuesday, August 6
travel from Drong Ngur –to be arranged by Urban Dharma
Aug 10-11, Urban Dharma Asheville / Yoga Retreat
translator: Virginia Blum (in person)

confirmed travel day to Rochester: Tue, August 13
travel from Asheville –to be arranged by White Lotus
Aug 17-18, White Lotus Buddhist Center, Rochester / Chod
translator: Virginia Blum (in person)

tentative travel day to Boston: Tuesday, August 20
travel from Rochester –to be arranged by Drikung Meditation Center, Boston
Aug 24-25, Drikung Meditation Center, Boston / Yoga and Meditation Retreat
translator: Virginia Blum (in person)

tentative travel day to GBI: Tuesday, August 27
Aug 31- Sept 8, Garchen Buddhist Institute, Arizona / Vajrakilaya Drubchen

tentative travel day to Seattle Tuesday, September 10
travel from GBI –to be arranged by Drikung Seattle
Sept 14-15, Drikung Seattle Center / Chod
translator: to be arranged by Drikung Seattle Center

confirmed travel day to Iowa City: Tue, September 17
travel from Seattle –to be arranged by Garchen Mila
Sept 19-22, Garchen Mila Buddhist Center, Iowa / White Tara Retreat
translator: Virginia Blum (in person)

tentative travel day to Albuquerque: Tue, September 24
travel from Iowa City –to be arranged by Rigdzen Dharma
Sept 28-29, RigDzin Dharma Foundation, New Mexico / Channels and Winds
translator: Virginia Blum (in person)



This tour is being organized by Virginia Blum and Ellen Marie Lauricella.